Do you know you need to “blog” but you’re not sure how to get the ball rolling? Here are 20 blog post ideas to get you started.

Why blog?

A consistent stream of quality content on your website helps to:

  1. Answer customer questions before they’re even asked
  2. Differentiate between you and your competitors
  3. Place you as an authority in that space
  4. Create more pages and reasons that Google (and other search engines) can promote your website
  5. Create regular reasons that your customers should visit your website, helping you stay front-of-mind.

Well crafted content can help your website visitors move from not knowing anything about you to becoming qualified prospects, and finally to buyers. You can go from being a salesman to an authority, a trusted advisor and even a friend.

But what content do we need to write?

Blog Post Ideas to Get You Started

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a list in your head of the questions you’re asked every week isn’t there.

  • What time can I collect my dog?
  • Where will I find the instructions?
  • If I get stuck, what should I do?
  • Which is better, this one or that one?

Writing a blog post around your most frequently asked questions is a fantastic idea.

Firstly, by their very virtue you know that lots of people are interested in the answer.

Secondly, wouldn’t it be great if you could point people towards these answers rather than always needing to regurgitate the same response? That way you could focus more of your time on helping them in other ways.

Thirdly, it’s a great way of empowering potential customers before then even pick up the phone to speak with you. And when they do, they’re that much more informed.

What do you WISH your customers knew about you?

What is unique about you, your products or your services? How do you compare to the next business down the street? Do you offer the same product but with a different level of service? Are your goods locally made?

But there’s probably a list of these questions that potential customers never ask, and they likely never even knew they should.

These questions help differentiate you from the other businesses around you. They help anchor your pricing, solidify your place in the market and help customers compare you when considering their alternatives (and you can be sure that a potential customer has probably looked at your competition’s website too).

Below is the exact blueprint that I work with when businesses are stuck for blog post ideas to get you started.

How to Implement this Tip

  1. Brainstorm the top 15-20 most frequently asked questions about your product/service. This should take you less than 10min.
  2. Pull out the top 10 of these. The top 10 should be asked often, relatively easy to write about, and be an answer that is fairly fixed (eg, if your response is normally “it depends…” then that’s not worth writing about). This should only take you 2-5min.
  3. Brainstorm the top 15-20 questions that you wished people would ask you before choosing to do business with you or someone else. Again it should take you no more than 10min.
  4. Choose the top 10 of these questions too.
  5. Once per week write a blog post that answers one of these questions. Don’t get caught up in adding swanky graphics, or wordsmithing it too much… just get content out there.
  6. Each week:
    1. Send an email to your email list saying that a new article is up on your website.
    2. Craft a social media post (or three) pointing people to the new article.
  7. In six months (20 weeks) you’ll have a comprehensive library of blog posts that people can refer to (or that you can point people to when they ask common questions).

Don’t like writing?

An alternative:

Grab your phone and turn on the voice recorder (most phones have one). Picture the last time that someone asked you a particular question and then just speak as if you were answering them. In a few minutes you’ll have a complete response to the question (probably faster than you could type too).

Either give the recording to one of your team to transcribe and copy into your website, or use a service like that will transcribe your audio for US$1/min and email you a complete transcription (yes a 2min audio recording will cost you about AUD$2.50 to have transcribed).