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The tools I use for websites daily.

Agency Tools

We all have a list of 'go to' tools for our business, right? They're tools that we use daily because they work for us each and every time. And because we use them all the time:

  • We know them inside out, what they're capable of, and what their limits are,
  • We can use them quicker and more deftly than other tools that may be in our kit, and
  • We know the business behind the tool, what it stands for, how supportive they are, and what they've got in store.

Regardless of whether we're talking about a spanner, a hydraulic press, or a piece of digital software I think we can all relate to our 'old faithfuls'.

And as a digital agency, it's no different.

I have a "stack" of digital tools that I use everyday. You can find many of them listed on my Resources page.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are worth mentioning separately to my other tools.

As I'm sure you're aware, a WordPress plugin is a piece of software that you add to your website to increase the functionality of your website. It's kind of like adding an app to your phone.

In the WordPress repository there are over 40,000 free plugins that you can add to your website, and there are countless 'premium' (or paid) plugins that you can add too.

I regularly use a range of premium plugins when I'm building and maintaining websites. My 'old faithfuls' are reliable, quick to use, are from companies that I trust, and (importantly) play nicely with each other. This last point isn't always the case with some other plugins.

I have agency licenses for each of the plugins below, and I'm happy to provide these free of charge in the following two settings:

  1. If I'm building you a new website (or reworking an old one) I'm happy to provide access to my licenses of these plugins for 12 months from the website launch date, or
  2. I'm happy to provide access to my licenses while you have an existing Website Care Plan agreement with me.

RBT Agency Plugins

I've listed the plugin, the cost of a single site license (in AUD), and linked through to their website.

  1. Beaver Builder. Retails for USD$99/AUD$140.
  2. Beaver Themer. Retails for USD$147/AUD$209.
  3. Powerpack. Retails USD$69/AUD$98
  4. Page Builder Framework Premium Addon. Retails USD$58/AUD$83.
  5. WooPack. Retails USD$59/AUD$84.
  6. Gravity Forms. Retails USD$59/AUD$84.
  7. WPRocket. Retails USD$49/AUD$69.
  8. ShortPixel. Retails USD$59/AUD$84.
  9. SmashBalloon Facebook Feed. Retails USD$49/AUD$69.
  10. Smashballoon Instagram Feed. Retails USD$49/AUD$69.
  11. Smashballoon Social Wall. Retails USD$49/AUD$69.
  12. LoginPress Pro. Retails USD$39/AUD$55.

So, if I'm building you a new website or maintaining an existing one you are welcome to make the most of $1,000+ of website plugins as part of our partnership.

The list above is current at time of writing. Regional Business Toolkit reserves the right to change the plugins on this list at any time without notice, often because we've found a better plugin. The USD/AUD conversion is subject to fluctuations of the exchange rate, so costs are indicative only.


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