Why #AskCaolan?

Before the idea for #AskCaolan, I used to answer answer your questions on pretty inconsistently. Sometimes I posted articles on here on the website, sometimes the answers ended up on social media and occasionally responses fuelled Youtube videos. Two realisations have really hit home for me.

Firstly, your questions are really important to me. Honestly! The fact is that I get a deep sense of satisfaction every time I’m able to help solve a problem that you have, whether it’s big or small. So don’t hesitate in sending me your questions… it’s really a win-win.

Secondly, I realised that I wasn’t doing you much good by peppering the answers around the place. Getting your regional business online can be difficult enough without making you look for the answers all over the shop.

So I’ve decided to dedicate an entire video show to answering your questions instead!

Each show will be a bite-sized 5-8 minute format, mostly me to camera, but full of innovative solutions and rock solid answers to your problems. It’s an awesome and more organised way to deliver even more value to you. Plus, you can rely on having some new ideas on your screen every single week, and the bite-sized format makes it easy to catch up if you fall behind.

Submitting a Question

I want this show to be fun, personal, and helpful! So let’s keep it clean and above board. Please use common sense and show courtesy with your questions. That way everyone wins! Here are some guidelines to ensure your question is qualified to be featured on the Show.

  1. Please keep your question short and to the point. Asking for an entire strategy is a little hard to answer in a few minutes on screen.
  2. Include your name and business URL (website, social channel, etc) that I can link to in the video.
  3. Spammy, disrespectful or deeply private questions will not be considered for the Show.

Use the form below to submit your question:

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Please note that by submitting a question, you’re allowing me to share it publicly on social media. Click here for more details on the Terms of Use.

Also note that I may not get to everyone’s question and you may not receive a direct response from me. I will answer qualified questions as they come, but if you question has previously been answered I will move on to the next. Keep watching the Show as most questions get answered at some point. I will email you and let you know that your question has been directly answered so you can keep an eye out for it.

Also, if your request is time-sensitive then email me directly. It can take me a week or so to review all incoming questions. Thanks for your understanding and thanks for watching.



Caolan O'Connor is a digital coach and WordPress developer who loves helping regional business owners connect the tools and connect the dots to scale their business, their productivity and their online brand.