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Want to dive deep in some of my best tools, tactics and strategies? Read on.

What is a website health check and when should I do one?

How healthy is your Website Your website is a valuable marketing asset. It serves as the first contact point that many customers have with your brand. Having a strong presence in search and in social media is necessary to get “eyeballs”. But equally important is having a healthy website. Does your website load slowly? Are […]

Tools to Help You Create your Visual Brand

Tools To Help Create Your Visual Brand

Do you have a strong, clear visual brand that aligns perfectly with your ideal customer? If you’re reading this then I suspect that you either want to refine your visual brand or create one from scratch. If so, then in this article I’ll cover some of the visual brand tools that you can use. What […]

Focus Funnel

Focus Funnel

We live in a busy world, we’re barraged by 1,000s of marketing messages each day, and our attention span is officially less than a goldfish. It’s no surprise that there is such a global obsession with “productivity”. But my motto is that ‘productivity is less about doing more things, and more about doing the right […]

How to Verify a Facebook Page for a local business

How to Verify a Facebook Page for a Local Business

You are on Facebook right? I mean your business has a Facebook Page doesn’t it? And more importantly you know how to verify a Facebook Page don’t you? Despite declining reach, and the increasing need to “pay to play” on Facebook it is still the mainstay of social media platforms for most local businesses. As […]

Blog Post Ideas to get you started

20 Blog Post Ideas To Get You Started

Do you know you need to “blog” but you’re not sure how to get the ball rolling? Here are 20 blog post ideas to get you started. Why blog? A consistent stream of quality content on your website helps to: Answer customer questions before they’re even asked Differentiate between you and your competitors Place you as […]

WordPress Maintenance Essentials

WordPress Maintenance Essentials

Want to manage your own website? That’s great news. Managing your own site has lots of benefits including: Confidence that the right tasks have been done regularly, Keeping you more in touch with your website and how it’s performing, Not needing to pay for someone else to do it for you. But at the same […]

How to install a custom google analytics dashboard

How to Install a Custom Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics is a free tool that tracks each little interaction that your visitors have with your website. In fact it’s the standard measurement tool for around 50 million websites across the world. In it’s most basic form people use Google Analytics to answer the question “how many people visited my website” but you can […]

2017 Strategic Plan

2017 One Page Strategic Plan

2017 One Page Strategic Plan Each year I sit down in December and prepare my year ahead – and a big part of this was preparing my 2017 one page Strategic Plan for Regional Business Toolkit. Why plan? Benjamin Franklin is touted to have said “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Without a roadmap, […]

LastPass How to implement a password manager in your business

LastPass: How to implement a password manager in your business

If you’re like most people the keys to your business are stored online. Bank accounts, employee details, supplier contracts, vehicle information and so much more. If you’re still like most people the passwords that protect these records are OK at best. In fact according to TeleSign 73% of adults use the ONE password for multiple websites […]

10 predictions for regional business in 2017

10 Predictions for Regional Business in 2017

I love looking for patterns. Perhaps it’s the math geek in me. But sometimes looking at the world around me the big picture appears abundantly clear. And sometimes I get it completely wrong. Either way, below are 10 predictions for regional business, or how I see the next twelve months playing out in general. Caolan’s […]


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