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10 Reasons your business needs a google account

10 Reasons Your Business Needs a Google Account

Google is everywhere – True. Everyone uses Google – Not true. But even so, the statistics are pretty staggering.  By the middle of 2014 67.5% of web searches and 87.1% of mobile searches in the US were via Google. In total Google served 11.9billion search results per month during that period. While not ‘everyone’ uses […]

Business Citations

Exploring Citations

Which and why citations are important to the success of your local business. We want to people to find our business on the web right? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) sounds really technical and many business owners can be really anxious about knowing where to start. Business citations however are an easy way to get a […]

All you ever wanted to know about responding to online comments

All you ever wanted to know about responding to online comments

Does thinking about how to respond to online comments make you anxious? Are you worried about saying the wrong thing and inciting a small rebellion online? Can you picture a horde of virtual townsfolk brandishing pitchforks and waiting with baited breath for your reply? If that sounds like you you’re not alone. In this article […]

Shrink Images to under 100kb

How to shrink images to under 100kb (the easy way)

Are your photos so large you need to email them one at a time? Do you have pictures that seem to take ages to load on your website? Are you struggling to fit your image library on a single hard drive or even your server? These issues are becoming more and more common with the […]

Choose Social

What social platforms a tourism business should choose

Want to “get on social” but not sure where to start? The sheer number of social platforms available to business today is staggering and the choice can be paralysing. Like most business owners you probably have enough on your plate with day to day operations without adding the burden of trying to work out where […]

7 Tools to Powerup your Social Media Graphics

7 Tools to Powerup your Social Media Graphics

Ever wondered how other people always seem to have amazing graphics on their social media pages? Are you disappointed with the blurry photo and text box that you spent ages on in Paint (or some other free graphics tool on your computer). Maybe you’ve been avoiding putting images up at all because they’re just in the […]


Getting your files into the Cloud

Cloud storage isn’t a new phenomenon. In fact it’s been around for years and years (which is a long time given the rapid pace that technology evolves). However, the pure accessibility of cloud storage right now is so much better than it was even a few years ago. Below are five reasons that you should […]


Grab your Google Listing in under 5min

If you’ve ever done a search for a local business on Google you’ve likely seen a small map with several listed companies within your search results. My quick search for butcher in Bendigo brought up the following image. Every one of those orange upside-down tears, or pins, are a Google Local Listing. Let me tell […]


Use search as your inbuilt listening tool

If you’re like most businesses you have a little search box in the top right of your website. And if you’re like most businesses you are missing out on one of the best survey tools that you have on your website by not paying attention to it. I want you to change your thinking right […]


7 Ways you should be using Alerts

In a recent article on Business Insider Australia, sixteen successful CEOs and business owners were interviewed about their morning habits. Without fail, each and every one read the newspaper (in paper or online) each morning. Do you? I definitely do. Sometimes I’m catching up on world news, sometimes I filter just the business and technology […]


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