We build websites for you in one day!

What is preventing you from getting your business online?

  1. Traditional websites can take weeks or months to build. Are you just itching to get your website up and running?
  2. Redeveloping a website is expensive and takes a long time. Are you looking for a more cost effective solution?
  3. I need to get the website "right" because it's too hard (and expensive) to change it down the track. Are you keen to direct your visitors to a quality website and still have the ability to "tweak" it as necessary?

If the answers are yes then a One Day Website is your ideal solution.

A One Day Website is a different approach to web design where I build you a new website over the course of one day. That's right, we'll start at 9am and by 5pm you'll be sporting a brand new website.

Compared to a traditional build (which I still love) a One Day Website is fun, punchy and collaborative. By focusing on only you (no distractions), and with your preparation already done you'll find the process straight forward and efficient.

A typical website might 30-40hrs of my time when you include the meetings and travel, design revisions, chasing people for images and content, follow up, and more. By trimming this down to an efficient 8hr process I can massively reduce the costs and pass the savings back on to you!

You walk away with a great website, designed to convert visitors into paying customers... in just one day!

How Does It Work?

Book Your Day

Choose a date, pay your deposit and book your slot to have your One Day Website created.

Get Prepared

You'll receive a template document to complete. This will walk you through all the content and steps needed prior to your One Day Website build.

Build Day

Be available on your chosen day. We'll work with you and contact you regularly via phone or Skype for feedback and suggestions throughout the day.

One Day Websites are for people

... just like you!


If you're organised, deadline focused and very keen to get your website up and running right now, then you're perfect for a One Day Website!

Typically my clients:

  • Have a logo and/or branding ready for the project
  • Know who their ideal client is and how they want to speak to them
  • Know what their primary goal of their website is
  • Have a deadline and a budget in mind
  • And yes, live in regional Australia.

Sound like you?

Your One Day Website Includes:

  • Preparation Guide and Initial Phone Meeting
  • Installation of WordPress and Framework to your Host (day prior)
  • Homepage and up to 4 other pages with your provided content
  • Installation and customisation of recommended plugins to optimise website performance
  • Connect your website to your Email Service Provider
  • Daily Backup Scheduled
  • Over 60+ Video Tutorials showing you how to edit and manage your website
  • 1 full year of theme and plugin licensing
  • 30 Day Warranty after Launch

Keen to get started?

Please complete the form below and we'll be in touch shortly with information and/or the next steps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really a one day build?

Yes. All things being equal, by 5pm you will be sporting a new website.

What type of websites work as a One Day Website?

We haven't found a small business yet that wouldn't benefit from a One Day Website. If you want to create a "home base" for your business online and a way to communicate with your current and potential customers then we can find a way to complete your website in just one day.

There are some limitations to be aware of however:

  1. A typical One Day Website allows for five (5) custom styled web pages which is generally your Home Page, About Page, Contact Page, News Page and Product/Services Page. We also include all the tools to build your own webpages using pre-configured elements (so that any page you create will look as schmick as the rest of the website).
  2. E-commerce websites can be complex and generally aren't suitable for a One Day Website.
  3. If you have specific services that you want to integrate with (say interactive mapping, or dynamic pricing, or connecting with a form of proprietary software) then this may not be achievable in one day. However most standard integrations (email databases, forms, Google Maps, and much more) are simple and easy to implement within the build.
Can I make an e-commerce site / webstore with a One Day Website?

Generally no.

E-commerce sites generally have a level of complexity that makes them unachievable within one day. Multiple shipping rates, product bundling, integration with payment gateways, etc all require considerable dialogue between you (the business owner) and your website developer.

That said, if you're wanting to promote and sell a single item (a book, a single service, or similar) then this is generally very achievable within a One Day Website.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements and I can provide you with a tailored solution (either a One Day Website, a bespoke design, or a referral to one of Australia's best e-commerce website design firms).

Are there any ongoing costs?

Not from me. I'll build your website, hand over the "keys" and you can 'drive away, no more to pay'.

You will still need to maintain your domain (your website address / URL) which will cost you around $10/year and your website hosting (where your files are stored) which is likely between $5-10/month.

You may consider one of my Website Care Plans however. Many businesses take advantage of my Website Care Plans for the first six (6) months while they become completely familiar with managing their own website.

Do I need my own Domain and Hosting?

I'm a firm advocate that every business needs to own their website domain and hosting. Too often have I been approached by businesses where the "keys" to the website are held by their developer and things have gone sour, effectively locking the business out of their own website.

You will need:

  1. Your own domain - such as If you don't yet own a domain I can show you where and how to purchase one. It will take you about 5 minutes and cost you around $10/year. If you already have your own domain then I'll just need your access details/credentials in due course.
  2. Your own hosting - the server that your website files and database is stored on. Again if you don't have this already I can show you how to purchase, or assist with the process. This will cost you as little as $5-10/month. If you do already have hosting then I'll just need your access details/credentials in due course.
I have a website already, but it's not on WordPress. Is that an issue?

No, it's not an issue. But there are a couple of things that are worth discussing.

  1. One Day Websites are built on WordPress with extended functionality to make it simple for you to maintain going forward. So by the end of this process you will have a WordPress website.
  2. You'll need a website host that supports WordPress. 90% of hosts will allow us to install WordPress so this is generally not an issue. If you have a Wix, Weebly, Squarespace or some other proprietary website platform then we will need to move you to a new web host.
  3. Your current website will be offline the day prior to the build. I generally pre-configure your website (remove any old content, install WordPress, upload your media library, etc) the day prior so that we can focus on purely building your website during the build day. If you have a current HTML (or other non-WordPress website) then this will become unavailable the day prior.
Is there ongoing support after my website is launched?

You will have a 30 day warranty on your website. It's not-uncommon for a small bug or two to slip through the quality assurance checks (a typo here, or a broken link there). I'll jump in and fix any of these free of charge during the first 30 days.

I will provide you with a comprehensive video library with over 80 videos showing you how to manage parts of your website. So if you forget how to replace a photo, or change text, or build an entirely new page you'll always have access to a step-by-step video.

Also, I appreciate that learning the ins and outs of a new website, carrying out some digital marketing, doing your normal day job and managing a website can be daunting... especially if having a WordPress website is new to you. I offer a range of Website Care Plans that ensure that the management of your website (updating security patches, uptime monitoring, managing your daily backups, and much more) is handled regularly. You can find details on my Website Care Plans here.

Why WordPress?

Over 25% of the world's websites are built on WordPress ranging from mummy-blogs to international behemoths like News Corp Australia.

WordPress is an open source website platform which is great for three reasons:

  1. You pay no licencing fees to use it.
  2. Everyone has access to the source code, which enables thousands of developers to create custom solutions that literally "bolt on" to your website. This means the functionality of WordPress is almost unlimited.
  3. Due to it's popularity and open source nature there are 1000s of developers who could potentially work on your website. This means that you are not locked into a single web developer going forward. If I cease trading or our working relationship goes south then you have options.
What do I need before we start?

The actual requirements are outlined in the Prep Guide which you can download above. But in short:

  1. Domain and Hosting (or I can arrange for you).
  2. A good understanding of who your customers are.
  3. Some text that I can put into the website for you.
  4. A selection of high quality images that we can use.
I still have some questions.

That's great. I'd be glad to answer them and help you decide if a One Day Website is for you.

Just pop your name and contact details in the form above and I'll be in touch shortly. 


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