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Cally Sinclair Garden Designs

A strategic website design to showcase the unique style of this accomplished landscape and garden designer.

Based in north east Victoria, Cally Sinclair is an accomplished landscape and garden designer, but a self-confessed neophyte when it comes to websites and digital platforms. Cally wanted to share her passion for creating immersive gardens with her growing audience and leverage her extensive photo library.

Cally needed an experienced digital partner to help her take the considerable leap from dabbling in Facebook to creating a fully functional lead generating website. The challenge was to translate Cally's immersive gardens into a two-dimensional digital experience.

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Powerful portfolio pages

Cally's portfolio of ~20 gardens not only showcase their own unique attributes, but are also scattered across Victoria and southern NSW like autumn leaves. Therefore I implemented custom location fields that display in the portfolio allowing visitors to immediately identify where each garden is located.

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Custom Content library

Cally wanted to be able to continue building on this foundation website into the future. To enable this I created a library of custom content blocks using Beaver Builder so that Cally can literally drag-and-drop pre-configured blocks onto new pages. Not only does this speed up the build process for Cally going forward, but it also ensures that all content blocks look and work beautifully.

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I felt cared for the entire way through. I felt Caolan made me understand my goals for this website very early in the process. I would recommend Regional Business Toolkit to everyone.

Cally Sinclair, Owner/Director.

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