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Do You Dream of Reducing Your Work Day by 2hrs… Every Day?

While this is an audacious goal for many of us I truly believe that by effectively using digital tools you can achieve this.

Regional Business Toolkit is all about inspiring, teaching and supporting business owners from around regional Australia to leverage digital tools to not only maximise their business but to reclaim their lives too.

My Journey: From tech dabbler to digital coach.

Caolan O'Connor Regional Business Toolkit
Caolan O'Connor

Founder / Digital Strategist

My name is Caolan O’Connor and I’ve been dabbling in tech since early high school when neighbours asked me to optimise the config.sys files on their PCs so their computers would run better (that was tough stuff in the early 90s).

With a background in building exciting outdoor education businesses (like turning a village into a new outdoor education facility) I quickly grew to love the digital tools that created consistency, developed brand awareness and increased productivity.

With a double degree in teaching and a career in adventure-based learning and leadership facilitation it was obvious that I had a burning desire to give people the tools and help them learn to develop themselves and their businesses.

Around that time Regional Business Toolkit was born.

You can read more about me via my About page.

Getting Online - the Regional Toolkit Definition

“Getting Online” means different things to different people but one thing remains the same - the digital space is evolving rapidly for businesses in regional Australia. Tools come and go, but the principles of getting your business online remain fairly consistent.

They are:

  1. An online ‘home base’. This is typically your website.
  2. Being part of the conversation on relevant channels where your audience hangs out. This often social media but can include video, traditional media, local networking, review sites and more.
  3. Creating content that helps attract, teach and engage your audience.
  4. Developing the systems to increase consistency or even scale your business.
  5. Leveraging and combining all these steps through automation so you can spend more time focusing on the things that matter most.
Blog Post Ideas to get you started

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WordPress Maintenance Essentials

WordPress Maintenance Essentials

How to install a custom google analytics dashboard

How to Install a Custom Google Analytics Dashboard

Already have a WordPress website and are looking to reduce the time you spend maintaining it?

I'm here for you as a guide while you begin or continue getting your business more online so don't hesitate to reach out. I'm not special, I'm just a guy who likes to work hard and use the skills and knowledge I have to make regional Australia a better place.

I'd love for you to connect with me on my Facebook Page where we can continue the conversation.





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