Our Process

Don't let the website build process seem daunting. Instead see it broken into some simple steps.

What's Involved?

About to embark on a new website or a redevelopment of your old site and want to know what's in store?

Here's the rough timeline that we work with for a custom or bespoke designed website.

We generally invest 40-50 hours into each custom or bespoke designed website to take it from concept to launch.

See more information on each step below.

Regional Business Toolkit Website Process Timeline


During the Discovery phase we will all take some time to understand exactly what's involved in bringing your website to life. Not only will we all gain a clearer picture on what your website needs to do and look like, but we'll all gain a clear picture of who needs to deliver what through the build process.

We will start by scheduling a Discovery workshop. It's helpful if you can come with an idea of:

  1. Exactly what you want your website to do for your business/organisation
  2. Who your website visitors are
  3. What you want your website to look, sound, feel like
  4. What questions you want to ask.

During this phase we will also work towards delivering and signing off on your sitemap (list of all the pages in your website) and a working prototype of your website (which is a black and white simple version of your website designed to demonstrate functionality).

By the end of Discovery you will also need to provide all the content for your Homepage (text, images, etc).


If Discovery is about gaining clarity on what your website does, then the Design phase is about how it looks. We will work together during this time to finalise your digital style guide (colours, fonts, etc) and you'll start to see this styling applied to parts of your site. This will lead to your approval of the concept for your homepage.

Important! The remainder of your website content is due by the end of this period. In fact, during our Discovery workshop we will agree upon an anchor date that your content is due and we will massage the rest of the project around this point. In all honesty, without having all content at hand it's difficult to progress the website build beyond this point.


The Development phase will flesh out the remainder of your website. Additional page layouts will be designed, and the remainder of the website will be styled around your content and final functionality developed.


Now that all parts of your website have been developed it's time for us all to test the website and check for any errors prior to your final approval. Then we're ready to move your website to your hosting environment and celebrate the launch.

At that point you'll receive a website handover and a training session showing you the "ins and outs" (don't worry, you'll also receive a training video library containing more than 70 videos as well as a written manual and more to help you get started).

Hold on!

Ok. This sounds great. Where do I sign up?


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