You want to get your business online but you’re not quite sure where to start, right? Maybe you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the choices available. You listen to stories about businesses that have seamlessly integrated digital strategies but you’ve got no idea how to get from here to there.

building a website for dummiesBelieve it or not, I felt that way when I started. I once looked at a “Building Websites for Dummies” book, you know the one with the yellow cover. Inside were pages and pages of ugly code, written in a language that made absolutely no sense. I instantly shelved the idea of creating any kind of website.

That was a long time ago (in the whole scheme of things) and my outlook has changed. Not because I learnt anything special, but because I began learning and sharing with other people.

In fact, becoming part of a group that’s all going in the same direction is incredibly powerful.

  • If you have a question, someone else in the group probably has the answer.
  • You can share the “easy” way of getting things done, rather than discovering the “hard” way all by yourself.
  • Your business grows more quickly, mostly because you are making fewer costly mistakes, but also because you have other people pushing you forward.
  • There’s a great sense of satisfaction in helping another business move forward.
  • It’s a great networking and branding experience where you meet and associate with other great businesses.

Regional Business Toolkit has a membership section. Inside are forums where businesses can ask and answer questions, member-only videos on website design/social media/digital marketing/productivity, and the links to a private Facebook group. The thing is… I haven’t turned it on yet!

In my mind, there’s no point in having an active membership group until there are at least 20¬†people really interested in using it. That’s 20 people keen to ask and answer questions in the forums, 20 people open to holding each other accountable to getting their business online, 20 people willing to share their wins and challenges.

I’ve already got a handful of business owners who have told me that they want to be on the waiting list. Awesome! What about you?

Here’s the details quickly:

  1. I’ll open the group when I’ve got at least 20 interested people, but I’m capping it at 50.
  2. As a Member you’ll have access to the member forums, private Facebook groups,¬†over 40 member-only videos, special resources AND significant discounts on all e-Learning courses.
  3. Membership is open for 12 months. Right now, for those people that express an interest to be on the pre-entry waiting list I’ll cap the first 12 months at $15/month. But as the forums, video library and resources grow you can expect the entry price to increase periodically.
  4. There will be an application process (not everyone will be automatically accepted). This is to ensure the highest calibre of keen, committed and collegiate individuals are inside the Member’s Group.

Where to now?

If you want to register your interest, please fill out the form below and I’ll be back in touch with you in the next day or two.

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Caolan O'Connor is a digital coach and WordPress developer who loves helping regional business owners connect the tools and connect the dots to scale their business, their productivity and their online brand.