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2017 Strategic Plan

2017 One Page Strategic Plan

2017 One Page Strategic Plan Each year I sit down in December and prepare my year ahead – and a big part of this was preparing my 2017 one page Strategic Plan for Regional Business Toolkit. Why plan? Benjamin Franklin is touted to have said “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Without a roadmap, […]

LastPass How to implement a password manager in your business

LastPass: How to implement a password manager in your business

If you’re like most people the keys to your business are stored online. Bank accounts, employee details, supplier contracts, vehicle information and so much more. If you’re still like most people the passwords that protect these records are OK at best. In fact according to TeleSign 73% of adults use the ONE password for multiple websites […]

10 predictions for regional business in 2017

10 Predictions for Regional Business in 2017

I love looking for patterns. Perhaps it’s the math geek in me. But sometimes looking at the world around me the big picture appears abundantly clear. And sometimes I get it completely wrong. Either way, below are 10 predictions for regional business, or how I see the next twelve months playing out in general. Caolan’s […]

How To Use Pokemon Go for Local Business

Pokemon Go for Local Business

Your Facebook newsfeed has probably blown up this week with references to Pokémon GO. You’ve likely already had a conversation this weekend with one of your friends about their kids already diving straight into the game. It’s no surprise that Pokémon GO is currently the No. 1 download and revenue raiser on the iPhone app […]


7 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Page

Someone asked me today “how do I get more likes on my Facebook Page?” In fact it’s a pretty common question. And it’s not hard to understand why. At the end of 2015 Facebook quoted that they had 1.59 billion monthly active users. In fact, in Australia roughly 62.5% of the population has a Facebook […]

7 Habits of Highly Engaging Facebook posts

7 Habits of Highly Engaging Facebook Posts

Marketo published an eBook called Contagious Content: What People Share On Facebook and Why They Share It. It contained 35pages of hints, tips and strategies, all laid out with clean examples. If don’t find yourself compelled to print it out and stick it to your office wall then you’re a pretty tough nut to crack. While […]


Filter bots from Google Analytics

#AskCaolan – Episode 02 –  How do I filter bots and spammers from my Google Analytics? This week’s question comes from Sarah Simpson, a jeweller in regional Victoria, who use Google Analytics to track her website traffic. In this episode I discuss two ways you can easily filter referral spam from your Analytics. Firstly I show you […]

7 Traits needed for an effective personal brand

7 traits needed for an effective personal brand

Why is your online brand important? At the end of the day people buy things from other people! And the easiest way to earn the trust and rapport needed for that basic relationship is to connect in a human to human way. In fact, we actively seek this out most of the time. How do […]


Gmail tracking

#AskCaolan – Episode 01 –  Is there a way of tracking in Gmail if an email or email attachment has been opened or read? This week’s question comes from Made in Murrindindi, a regional organisation in central Victoria, who use Gmail as their main email client. In this episode I discuss three different ways you […]


What Email Personality Are You?

Watch out! I’m an “email destroyer” according to this fun and enlightening quiz by Hubspot. In fact I’ll admit that I chuckled a little when I read my definition as someone with an “undeniable love for tools that help them email like a machine, they try to avoid sounding like one.” Sounds about right to me. […]


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